Just to confuse you

September 13, 2007

all again… I am back at blogger

What can I say?……….  I like change 🙂




Autumn – week 2

September 11, 2007

I am very upset!  I just found a hole in my fabric, up the very top near the clippie part of the frame, I am pretty sure my stand has done this 😦  Luckily it is high enough up it should be fine when framed….. but!!  It is very upsetting and my cheap o stand will be finding a new home!  The problem is finding a decent one here is flippen hard….. maybe I should go back to using a scroll frame?  Does anyone use those anymore?



Celtic Autumn SAL

September 6, 2007

Week 1

Stitching on a silkweaver solo, which is actually really pretty, my photo is rubbish as usual!  LOL 28 count Lugana



Photos :)

September 3, 2007

Here are the photos for the beginning of the month 🙂

My lovely Mum arranged a weekend away for Mike and I and looked after the kids 🙂 We had a lovely relaxing time at a homestay in Peel Forest.

Here is Crescent Dreams, stitched on Countrystitch Kiwi Illusions (can’t find the name but its violet or something) 32 count Belfast using Noreen’s green conversion, instead of the treasures and the stars I used 3 green swarovski crystals and attached them with a green shaded Kreinik, nice and sparkly in person. All that is left is baby’s name which will have to wait til baby is born and we find out boy or girl 🙂

Next up is Cirque des cercels, which I am stitching on the sly for Mike’s birthday in January 🙂  He likes it just like the chart photo 🙂

I am stitching 2 over 2 and it is growing quite quickly 🙂

Now we have the latest Midnight Boo Progress picture, it doesn’t look like much but there are a lot of colour changes in those pieces of hair!!

And last but not least, a new start…… I couldn’t resist the stitching competition on the Mira bb, from the 1st of September to the 1st of December, my goal is to completely stitch the top half of her, minus the treasures which I don’t have, I might look at trying to replace them, as we were away on the 1st I got quite a bit done and then lazed around on Sunday afternoon stitching on her too 🙂

She is being stitched on Country Stitch Kiwi Illusions Seaside, 32count Belafst.  Started 1st September 2007

Hope you are all well!!



p.s I am a starting glutton 🙂  I start my new sal with Kristin and Mel today!  YAY!!


September 1, 2007

September Goals

1 page of Midnight Boo (Model)

UFO RR *every other night*

New stitchalong with Kristin Monday’s – Celtic Autumn

Tuesday Stitching group Christmas stitching

This months WIP is Mira’s Mermaid of the Pearls, for Mira BB competition 🙂

Goals for August

1 page of Midnight Boo (model) Yes

UFO RR *every other night* Yes

Wednesday SAL Yes and she is finished!

Monday Stitching group (crescent Dreams) Yes (except for all the times we had to cancel cause of sick kids)

This months Wip is Ivy *every other night* Yes and completed her



Update :)

August 30, 2007

Okay…. feeling much better on the stitching front now 🙂 This week has been a busy one! I have laced and framed Ivy for my niece and sent her off, I laced and framed a small piece for a friend (she stitched it) and she is happy with it so I am LOL I laced and framed Celtic Summer for Stephanie and took it around to her, her expression was worth giving it up 🙂 I then finished up Crescent Dreams, except for the name, for baby I will show you a picture tomorrow 🙂 Its a dull day here so no point taking a picture 🙂 Today I have worked on Cirque des cercles (hubby’s birthday pressie) I will show you a picture of that tomorrow too……. promises, promises LOL

On Monday Kristin and I are starting our sal on Celtic Autumn and this time Mel will be joining us 🙂  I can’t wait and this one will be for me!!  YAY!  I also found a great framer, who is very pedantic and proper (a good thing) who is also not very expensive so I have decided that all my big pieces with be properly framed from now on and I will only frame my little things.

On the baby front I have made a very large decision, with the agreement of my darling, if all goes according to plan we will be having a homebirth, this is not a direction I would normally take but the system in Timaru is just so antiquated I feel that I have no choices!!  Which really suxs!  I have had trouble free labours with all my natural births and no pain relief needed, so apart from Ella’s birth which was only a c-section because of breech presentation I have been blessed with natural easy births, so going to a hospital as soon as my contractions are 10 mins apart (say what?!!) and having to be on my back with a monitor on the whole time is not my idea of a great birthing experience!  I have talked to a local independent midwife who was very positive and I am meeting her tomorrow, she  was lovely and I finally feel at peace about the birth.




A feeling of let down…

August 25, 2007

I have had 5 finishes this year, 4 of them big ones and none of them are for me *sob*….. I think I need to work on some me things for awhile…… so does that mean I can have a new start?……. No probably not LOL  Although I will be starting a new project with Kristin in the next week or two as we have decided to continue on with our sal, this one will be Celtic Autumn which will be for me 😀

I need to get xmas Fae finished (its a late pressie for my nieces birthday) and then I want to get 5 different colour ways done for my nieces/daughters of L&L’s Judy’s freebie angel for xmas.   I was planning on working on Watergarden as my next big wip……… but……. do I need a finish for me sooner than that?  Will a new start make me feel better?  Nope it will probably add to my big WIP pile and make me feel overwhelmed……  I really need to get butterfly – day done for my Dad…… its been a wip for about 4 years now…. but I want something for me……. waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh  Maybe I could start our wedding sampler?………

Thanks for listening to me whinge!